Tax Free Terms & Conditions


  • To use Tax Free, you must visit to iTechnics branches;
  • In order to be eligible for VAT refund you have to be a foreign citizen;
  • VAT can be claimed only on goods and not on services;
  • You must have purchased item from the store with the right to issue VAT refund check and the item must be subject to VAT;
  • Value of purchase must be above 200 GEL per receipt;
  • Item you have purchased has to be intended for export;
  • VAT Refund does not apply to perishables, transport means, Gold (weighing more than 125 gram and that is not presented as jewelry) precious stones, products requiring special licenses and permits for export, VAT exempted goods according to Georgian Legislation;
  • Item has to be exported within maximum three months from the date of purchase;
  • Item has to be retained in the special sealed plastic bag, in which the sale assistant places your purchase and integrity of seal be maintained;
  • You must have special VAT refund receipt with you;
  • All goods presented into special VAT refund receipt must be exported out of Georgia;


How to claim 


  • Before you check in your luggage, visit desk of Economic Border Protection Department Office at your last port of departure from the country and present your VAT forms, passport and ticket to the customs officer;
  • Have items, on which you are claiming VAT refund, Handy as the customs officer has right to physically check them;
  • The officer will stamp the receipt as the sign of approval and afterwards you can proceed with checking in your luggage and go through the immigration; 
  • You can obtain cash refund in the bank after you have passed immigration or you can ask to transfer money on your personal account (money will be transferred within the 30 days).